Awardees 2024

Jack Barbetta

Stronghold Safety

"Thinking out of the box isn’t easy, but this conference always puts me on the good path."

Shawn Menter

System Engineer

"Architecture takes a step forwrd with this kind of events, a must for any professional."

Johanna Fender

Shop Manager at Onax

"I never miss this conference, is the biggest business opportunity of the year."

Ken Brockmans

Selling Manager at Bentley

"I love this event and pay the attendance for all of our studio employees, is the best."

John Sturgis

Architect at B&B

"A radical change in thinking, always leads to a revolutionary approach for our next projects."

Hannah Bocach

PR for Bentetton

"This conference puts something new on the plate every time, new ideas and new ways of thinking."


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